We optimize web servers

And they work Crazy Fast, Amazingly Stable, Exemplary Efficient

What we do for you

including but not limited to

Server Setup
from $200

We do professional setup for any virtual or dedicated servers of any size from the scratch.
We prefer to build servers with no control panels as we believe they work much faster being naked, with no unwanted load from unused components.

from $300

Default, light or heavy load, custom config of any service running on your server to ensure every bit works 100% of it's power.
Only proven best practices tested with our own web projects.

from $400

Clear step-by-step migration plan with minimum possible downtime.
Full documentation support during the process.

Full Package
from $1700

Including: Server/VPS setup, software installation, configuration, tuning. Migration from old hosting/server. Complete tuning. Testing. 1 month after sale support.

  • High server speed

    Perfect TTFB, rapid webpages loading time

    Search engines will love your fast web project

  • Low server load

    Ensure your server resources not wasted

    Less server ongoing cost, stability, more room to grow

  • Bulletproof server security

    Simple and efficient server defense techniques

    Providing you with non-interrutable, hassle free project run

  • Flexible server monitoring

    Watchdogs, alerts, historical data

    optional feature

  • Automated server backups

    Keep your data and settings safe

    optional feature

Bits we tune up

Including but not limited to..

Operating Systems

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD

Disk Operations

RAID, LVM, SSD, Hybrid storage


LUKS, SSH, SSL, iptables, internal

Web Stack



Postfix, Exim, Courier


MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, PostgreSQL


PHP opcache, Memcached, Redis

Web Performance

CDN, Minification, TTFB, Above the fold, Compression

Classic CMS

Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Opencart, Joomla, DLE

Special CMS

SmartCJ, KVS, Mechbunny, StreamRotator

Remote Access

Tunnels, VPN, VNC, NX